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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my bestfriend , my blogger friends , and for the greetings. Though I celebrated my birthday late because Hubby was still busy with his projects but still he did make it. Thanks also Hubby for making my birthday memorable. I love you so much Daddy. Thanks also Jesus for another fruitful year. My only wish is that Hubby could finally leave and work abroad and I could make my way to Europe before 2010. I hope and pray that somehow Hubby and I would be able to survive for all the trials. The next project, oh! I mean our next project? It would be our baby twins! [ yeah we want twins! ] lol!

Before I forgot here are the winners for my Birthday treat contest.

{ $15 or a pair of HAVAIANAS slippers }

{ $5 each! }

Congratulations guys! Thanks for joining. Please e-mail me at mrszerrudo [at] gmail [dot] com and leave your Paypal Accounts, Account Numbers for the transfer of your winnings. God Bless!
Another contest is coming up!


jHeLea said...

hello girl thank you so much ha...ako I still want the slippers hehehehe

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